Parallel lines.

I wish I hadn’t met you, your eyes and your smile. I was fine, pretty fine. I was me. I didn’t think about anything else.

The day I met you was the most beautiful day of my life. I saw you walking towards me, smiling. I have never known you before. We didn’t even talk, you gave me a smile, a little smile and that was the end of me.

I wondered if we would talk to each other. I wondered if we would smile at each other. I wondered if we would even see each other, again.

But that isn’t how fate and destiny is supposed to work, right darling? They brought us together but we were parallel lines. We travelled closely, so closely that we were almost there, but we never intersected.

We see each other and we do share a lot of similarities. What we share the most is, we didn’t have the things we wanted, the things we wished and the things we loved.

It’s always a different story. You want to walk away, you pretend everything is fine, you try to be like it doesn’t matter, you try to act like it doesn’t bother you and you don’t feel it. Yet, it’s the same thing that’s tearing you down into pieces, pieces that you can’t take back and put together. And when you touch them and try to keep them together it breaks down further. That’s how I am!

I tried to move away from you, from the little memories we shared. But, there’s something that pulls me deep inside when I am almost at the brink. It starts all over. You’re everywhere, around me, near me but never with me.

We are parallel lines, we travel near to each other, but never together.

Maybe, in another universe I hope we travel together. I hope fate doesn’t conspire to keep us apart and kill me every single second. I hope for us to be forever, discovering every known and unknown universes.

But now, I can do nothing but just watch you because, we are parallel lines.

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Hey guys,

I wasn’t planning to post this today, but, when I woke up today and checked my notifications, I was very surprised!!!

Million Dreams is now a family of 200!!!!!!!!!

I am seriously speechless. I cannot tell how much happy I am. Thank you so much for all the love and support all along the way. It means so much to me, I don’t have the right words to explain how I feel right now. Thanks to every single person who reads my work and supports it. Sending lots of love to all of you!

Here is an virtual celebration!

This post is kinda sad, but I am really very happy and thank you for all the love!

Please take care of you and your loved ones!

To more love and light 🍻✨

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤,

K from Million Dreams.

Ephemeral Dream.

Bounded my heart and mind
to the pillow that wiped my tears,
I fell asleep, having no idea,
that you would show up
in my dreams

“Don’t pinch, don’t wake up,
Its going to be real, darling,
just be, don’t resist, don’t wake up,”
whispers my heart.
I try so hard to wake up.

I gave up, I didn’t wake up.
Because, it was you.
It was you, in my dreams,
next to me, with me,
holding my hands.

The white walls around us,
fireplace spreading its warmth,
house, beautifully decorated,
my home, holding my hand,
yes, my home and that’s you.

We were talking,
Oh, I think this real,
you, me, looking into
each other’s brown eyes,
getting lost in our universe.

Oh, I think we are close,
there’s nothing that can
break us. Oh, how I get to
look into you like this, everyday?
Oh love, tell me this is us.

Just us!

Oh love, what your doing to me?
the way you held my hand,
our cute little laughs,
our tiny little fights that last
only a moment.

Only a moment, only a moment,
Wait, ” this isn’t real, you’re not real.
This isn’t real, ” tells my brain.
Wait, don’t go, don’t fade away,
Please, don’t leave, cries my heart.

That’s it. That’s all of it.
The last thing I saw was
that brown eyes, that damn brown eyes,
the one that softens me, now fading away,
just like every time,
fading away when I saw us closer

And I woke up, looking around
my room, the pillows I once shed
my tears, now holding me tighter,
just like it used to before ’cause
It knew that I would realize that
it’s just a dream.

There you are, an ephemeral dream.

You are the only reality
that I wish to be a dream.

✍ K

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Hey guys,

I wrote this two weeks back, just an glimpse from what was a dream. I hope you guys liked it.

Do share your love and thoughts.

Stay safe! Sending lots of love ❤

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤,

K from Million Dreams.

CH3 – 18 things I learned before 18.

Hello, my favorite people!!!
The sky is out there, looking dark with stars and moon shining through it! Here I am popping through the screen virtually, and taking you to the third, last and final chapter of the mini series – 18 things I learned before turning 18!

If you haven’t read the first two chapters, here it is!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

And, lets gooooooo straight!!!

13. Accept more, expect less.
Expectation is the root cause of all heartache. Expectation is not just a big word but its also a very big feeling or thing to actually say, think or write about it. You feel you can’t get or do certain things for real but still, you dream of more things that can break your heart, things you can’t accept.

I hate myself for expecting so much. Every single time I expect for more or even expect a little, I’ll end up getting hurt. So, I try to reduce my expectations as much as I can and accept more. Accepting some things are so much hard but when you do that, life will be much more happier.

14. Reality hurts.
Yes, reality hurts damn hard, more than you can actually tell or feel. It seems much more easier on films, series, songs and for everyone you see. But for me, reality hurts. So many times, I dream of so many things, because that takes me away from reality. Even though I know it’s just a dream it makes me so much happy in way that reality can ever make. It’s good to dream as long as you know it’s just a dream and you’ll come back again to reality. If you think the reality is so sweet, it’s not. It will hurt, for sure.

15. Don’t get attached to someone too much emotionally.
I don’t get attached with people easily. If I do, I get too much attached. I am not the person who usually starts a conversation. I am really very awkward when it comes to making a conversation. It took me months to open up with people who are my best friends now. If I get attached to someone, I won’t be able to bring myself back. I can even sense everything. I get emotionally down when they don’t text good morning back to my message. They might be busy but my mind will assume every single thing that is other than the real reason.
I have lost some people, friends, people who I trusted and people who I taught would never leave me. Still, my heart cries over those who walked away from me. Now, I understand that no one can be with me forever and not to get too much attached, indeed it was a very hard way to learn.

16. It’s okay to be emotional.
The thing that makes us true humans are the emotions we hold and the emotions we show. Being emotional is not a sign of weakness. It just shows how strong and beautiful you are. You’ll feel even more pain if you keep all of it with you. Its okay to cry, get angry, shout, scream, laugh and to be sad. It’s okay. It will definitely keep you sane. Don’t be afraid to show your real emotions. Its okay not to be okay, okay? Its okay to be vulnerable, its okay to be emotional.

17. Never give up on things you love.
When you love something be it a hobby, your passion or your dream you’ll find so many reasons that are trying to hold you back from doing the things you love. You’ll find thousands of hurdles, falls, pain, hurt and much more. There will be people who will tell you that you cannot do the things you love or you are not fit for it. But, remember you have millions of reasons to not give up on the things you love. When you get what you love, those thousands of reasons will feel like nothing. It will be beautiful. Never give up on things you love!

Sometimes, it may feel little overwhelming and tiring. But remember, the moon may disappear for a day, because of it phases. But it grows, grows stronger to be a full moon. Break the thousands of reasons that are holding you back, do to the things you love!

18. Choose what your heart says.
Honestly, I don’t have words to describe how I feel about this, because words are not enough! The most beautiful reason to be alive is listening to your heart. Just to listen to its beat, the conversations you have with it, the little fight with your brain. It’s like a mini – fairytale running right through you. Always, listen to what your heart says! The most beautiful thing in the world.

And with this, we come to an end of the mini series 18 things I learned before turning 18!

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Hey guys,

I had so much fun, writing this whole series. I have shared a part of me, with you. I hope you guys liked this. The past 18 years wasn’t an easy one for me. Yet, I am so grateful to all the things that life has taught me. I am looking forward to more it has in stores for me!

Take care of you and your loved ones!

Thank you so much for all the support and love all along the way. I am so grateful to you guys. Here’s to more days of blogging to all of us! 🍻😁

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤,

K from Million Dreams.

CH2 – 18 things I learned before 18.

Greetings to all my favorite people! ❤

I met you on the first chapter of 18 things I learnt before turning 18. Thank you for the overwhelming response. Without further ado let me take you to the second part.

7. Keep others happy, you will be happy.
Happiness…..happiness is something you cant buy. A lot of people think that rich people are always happy and poor people are always sad. But, that is not true. Rich are not always happy and poor are not always sad. You cannot define happiness. What makes you happy may make someone sad. When we make others happy, we naturally feel happy. Their smile will always lighten up your mood. I felt this kind of happiness, so many times. When we take care of people we love, god will take care of us. (I heard this from a Tamil movie, which I love so much. ) Try this, you’ll be much more happier than you were before.

8. Life challenges you, always.
Life will never be an easy puzzle for you to solve. It has a lot of twists, turns, mazes, good, bad and everything you can ever tell. It breaks you, tears you apart, heals you, mold’s you but most importantly it teaches you to be the best version of you. And, that’s the painful, yet the most beautiful part of life. So many times, I used to think, why certain things happen only to me. Some people used to tell me, I am way matured for my age. I didn’t understand this at that time, I used to get angry whenever they would say this, then I came to know its because I saw so many challenges, I learned so many lessons and life showed its worst at young age.
Remember, the challenges are always worth it!

9. Look out for people.
No matter how sad, broken or empty you are, please look out for the people who love you and whom you love. Because, if you lose them, you’ll realize you lost the stars while collecting stones. Do it, before its too late. Let it be your best friend, cousin, mom, dad, your sibling or the love of your life, please look out. Pause a minute of your life, send them a text, try making a surprise visit, or make a call. The little something you do for them will always be there in their heart. I am only here just because I had people who looked out for me even when I pushed them away. Always look out for the gems you have in life!

10. Be thankful and grateful.
Aren’t we all so gifted and blessed ? To have such an amazing life, to see the things we love, write about the most beautiful things in the world? I am very thankful and grateful to god for everything he has ever given me, this life, my people and a lot more. Always, be thankful for everything.

11. The sun always rises even though it sets.
Sun always rises. No matter how many time it sets. Now please don’t tell me its because of the Earth’s rotation. I am a four year child here 😁, for me its a phenomenon of rise and set. No matter, how many times you fall, rise. Rise because you have to. Rise, because you can. Its not about how many times you fall, its whether you rise every time you fall. So, Rise!

12. Never compare yourself.
I don’t like when others do it but I myself do it, sometimes. Kinda stupid, right? But, this is something that I would like to stress much. Don’t compare your first chapter with someone’s fifteenth chapter. You never know what others lost to be where they are. Try improving yourself without comparing yourself to others. You are the sun that no one else is, so shine bright!

So, here’s the second part. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. Meet you in the next part! See ya!! ✌

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Hey guys,

I hope you guys enjoyed this. The third part will be the final one of this little series. I am much excited.

Do share your love and thoughts. You can reach out to me on Instagram. I would love to hear from you.

See you amazing people on the next part.!

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤,

K from Million Dreams.

CH1 – 18 things I learned before 18.

The day we turn 18 is one of the most important day in everyone’s life. You are an adult, you get a chance to decide certain things in life, you go to college, you get to participate in government activities and a lot more! It sounds nice but its a little scary too…
My eighteenth birthday was not much special to me. To be honest, my other birthdays were even more exciting than my eighteenth birthday. But, the life lessons I learned before turning eighteen is numerous. I would like to share some of them with you amazing people….

Let’s go….

1. Be yourself and love yourself the way you are.
Change is the only thing that is constant in the world. But, if you change along with all the changes around you, you loose your originality. Change is good, but the things for which you change, matters. Be yourself. Don’t change yourself for things or for people just because you like those things or you want them to like you back. Don’t be the person that you are not supposed to be. Own you and love you for being you, your scars, your imperfections and your vulnerability! One day, you’ll get to be with someone who loves the real and original you.

2. Don’t give a damn about society.
Society can be so intimidating. Especially, Indian society. The pressure the households put on their neighboring kids are so, so much that you eventually end up hating your own life. Everyone around your houses and people you don’t even know exist will be so much interested in your life, more than you. But you know what, DON’T MIND THEM. Never worry about them. Let them talk whatever they want. Be focused on what you want for your life and never step back nor listen to them.

3. Be kind.
Kindness…. It sounds even more beautiful when we are not just saying it. Be kind to everyone. Your kindness and compassion speaks more than what your job, position or status would ever will. Be kind! It speaks volumes and volumes! Give more of your love, smiles, warmth, confidence, care. The more you give these to others, the more you get.

4. Help whoever you can.
So many times, I rant about the way my life is. It is never, ever to my expectations. But one thing that I realized is I have food, water and a roof over my head which is actually a great privilege. I understood that helping others makes me happy. God has made me worthy enough to help others, then why shouldn’t I do it? Help who ever is in need, be it big or small. If you think someone may do it, that someone may think the same! You never know how much your little help will change someone’s life so much. So help whenever you can! And also, never ever count what your giving to others. Never expect others to give to you or help you as well! You get what you give!

5. Time is everything.
I kinda hate this concept but its the truth, hard to accept and harder to live with. Time, it makes the hero, villain and the villain, hero. It makes the innocent, guilty and the guilty, innocent. Time is the only thing that has a close connection with destiny. Do you know how people get successful? By being best friends with time. You can be the master of time, only if you know how to use it. Properly! Good times or bad times, they never last longer. Time takes some time, but it’s everything. ( I kinda stole the last line from the movie Yeh jawaani hai deewani, one of my favorite, you can stream it on Netflix! )

6. Respect people who respects everyone.
You heard it right! Respect is not something that you earn with the degree you study, the job you are working for nor your socio-economical status. Its about how you treat a living being, how good you are to people you know and also to the people you don’t know. And this is how I am, if you respect everyone, I will definitely respect you. Everyone deserves respect. Don’t they?

And……… that’s it for chapter one! These are some of the things I learnt from the past. Life has a lot more to teach me, in the coming years! Let’s see how I perform.

Hey guys,

This is something that I planned to right a long time ago, but couldn’t do it. I guess time has finally allowed me to do it. I am so, so excited for the upcoming parts.

Do share your love and thoughts ❤️. I would love to hear from you!

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️

K from Million Dreams.

I have you, I have all.

I reminisce the times I was with you,
the little, joyful, wandering, curious, playful
little kid that I

You held me in your arms and toured the street.
You held me in your shoulders when I fell asleep.
You held me in your neck and showed me the real world.

Even with a handful of kids,
waiting and fighting to play with you,
You chose me.
You played with me.
You loved me, a little more than others..

I found peace in you,
I found harmony in you,
I found happiness in you,
I found my mom in you,
I found me in you

But, I didn’t find you, the real you.
I didn’t find that the pillar is going to fall.
I didn’t find that the sun is going to set, maybe forever.
I didn’t find that my Earth is going to stop spinning.
I knew it will be one day, but not so soon enough.

Maybe, I was too young, I knew how much you fought,
with everything that was pulling you down,
with everything that tore you into pieces,
with everything that drowned you,
with everything that was killing you.

But the force of nature was strong enough.
Strong enough to take you with it but
weak enough to take you from me.
Maybe, it wanted you to make it strong,

I miss you, your smiles,
your hugs, your little candy gifts,
your big talks and our games.
You thought me the hardest life lesson,
how to live without people that matter the most.

If I could turn back time, I would have you in my arms.
If I have you, I have all.

Then, I found you in me…

You’re with me, everywhere, every time.
I have you, I have all.

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Hey guys,

I wrote this poem for my Grandfather today. It’s been 13 years without him. I was very little when he passed away. But, I still remember the beautiful memories I shared with him. I shared a very special bond with him which none of the other 13 grandkids shared with him. He has always been a pillar of strength to me and my mom. He was such a brave and disciplined man. I really thought we would be spending a lot of time, but no one knows what future has in store for us. It all happened in a week, he had a cardiac arrest and he passed way. He was the only person to whom I was attached so much except my mom. I miss him, a lot..! I miss you thatha…

If you have your grandparents around you, you guys are so lucky. Please spend some time with them, you will love it a lot. Only people like me know how difficult it is to live without grandparents. Please don’t regret it later.

Do share your love and thoughts. You can also connect to me on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️️

K from Million Dreams.

Oh, the cycle continues.

Twelve hours,
twice to make a day.
Oh! What a difference
an hour makes.

The smiles I had,
the cars I rode
with my laugh in the day,
Now mocks at me.

I don’t smile,
I feel numb,
a heavy weight hangs
across my heart.

I am afraid,
when the night comes.
I don’t shine, like how I was.
I try hard.

But I fear the sad,
that returns every time
when I am happy and
rips it off, from me, all at once!

I try, try harder than I can.
but something immerses me.
People tell me, to be happy
yeah, I want to be.

Then the sun shines again,
after 12 hours,
that fills the holes of heart,
only to make it empty by the night.

Oh, the cycle continues.

If only Oscars were given to people,
to people like me,
we would receive it every time.
oh, us? The finest actors.

Featured image from Pexels.

Hey guys,

I wrote this poem long ago, probably in the middle of the night. I was constantly feeling this way everyday. I wondered what made me fear so much about my favorite part of the day. But I guess its just some of the days. I wanted to tell you guys that’s it’s okay not to be okay. Take your time.

Do share your love and thoughts. I hope you guys are doing great.

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️ 

K from Million Dreams.

Niche, niche and niche!

Its been five whole months in the WordPress community and the world of blogging and I have been loving every single minute of it. Everytime when I come up with something that I want to write or the times I sit without knowing what I am going to write, everything has been a beautiful feeling to feel. The way my heart and brain pushes me when I dont have anything to write about or the times when I have a bag full of inspiration to write about, everything seems so beautiful and magical. Everytime I see Million Dreams out here in the internet, it makes me feel so happy and immensely proud.

When I was a kid, I had a privilege of having a desktop and internet connection in my home which many of the other kids did not have. Right from the time I learned about internet I wondered whether there would be a page of mine in internet someday.

Today, to see the internet out here, a collection of web pages, that also consists one of mine, I feel so happy.

When I was searching and learning more about blogging, I was not so sure to start one. I went through a lot of articles in the web and I watched a lot of youtube videos. Everyone talked about the same thing, every video was about the same key, CHOOSE YOUR NICHE.

I am not a lifestyle blogger, I dont have much of a fashion sense or I am not aware of latest fashion trends. I am not a beauty blogger, make up to me is only bindi, a good talcum power and a moisturizer. I love technology but I am not a techie.

I write. I write what I feel. Sometimes, I write what I want to feel and I write. I write and just sing it with some tunes that’s never gonna make it’s way to a song. But I still write and I don’t know to what niche my blog would fit in.

I wanted to start a blog and also I don’t want to start one because of choosing a niche. I even thought there won’t be much of blogs like mine.

But to my surprise, I saw a lot of blogs very similar to that of mine. Writings, writings and a lot of writings. Beautiful, right? Yeaaahhhhh. I was so happy to find more blogs like me, vareity of styles, literature, music, poems, art, photography, metaphors, facts, learnings, beauty, magic and what not?

A lot of beautiful souls spreading their magic in the world through their works and art! I am seriously glad I joined this community and I am able to experience this magic everyday created by my fellow bloggers.

Okayyy, art teleported me. Let’s get back here 🙈. The thing is, you never know what it is or what it takes or how you change until you start. If I would have chosen not to create a blog just because I can’t decide what niche my blog would belong, I would have lost one of the greatest joy of my life.

My blog changed me, a lot. I never even knew that I can write poem but my blog proved me wrong. It made me a better person than who I was.

My dear blog, Million Dreams, I owe you big!

My dear lovely people, if something scares you, but if it is the same thing that you want, go ahead people. Trust me, it will be worth the scares and doubt. It scares you, because it matters. Make more of it, most of it and all of it. Make you happy and others too. Start and don’t look back! It will change you for good!

So, my blog’s niche is probably freestyle or the K – style! Sounds perfect?!!! Yeahhhh! See you amazing people!!!!

Hey guys,

I would like to dedicate this post to every blogger out here and to the magic they create. Let me know how much you liked this. Do share your love and thoughts.

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️,

K from Million Dreams.

Real is Rare.

Real is rare, isn’t?

Being real is something else, a unique feeling you can only experience when you’re real. It’s a kind of feeling that words cannot put together or you don’t find the right words to say how you really feel.

We see a lot of people everyday and around us, hundreds you know and thousands you don’t. Billions of people are moving around with you in every corner of the world. What are we? Humans, yeah. But are we real humans? Physically, yes, but mentally and emotionally are we real?

How many times are we real? How many times do our inner soul see who we really are in the outside? How many times we are same both inside and outside? How many times, we were us when the circumstances tried to change or even when everything around us change?

Be real. Be real, when the world’s trying to change you, break you or manipulate you. Be you, when they talk bad in front of you or behind you. Be you when you don’t feel like you. Do what your heart wants. Be real to your dreams, not to others definition of dreams. Live for the real you. Say yes or no when your real self wants to, not because others want you to. Wear whatever your real self wants to, not for others who would judge you for your clothes. Be the real you!

Let someone fall in love with the real you, your insecurities, your scars and your imperfections. Let them fall in love with you when you’re broken, sad and vulnerable. Don’t change yourself just for someone to fall in love with you. When you show the real you and when they fall for it, it would be even more beautiful. When they draw stars around your scars, it won’t bleed but shine.

You have been living your life for all, for everyone you love, but not for the real you. Try putting you, the real you first and live for you.

For once, live for you, the real you. Will you?

Hey guys,

I knew, I took a very long break and I am not much active, but will be active as soon as possible. Sending you all lots of love.

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️,

K from Million Dreams.

Broken Faded Bond.

It wasn’t much before.
Then, it happened all of sudden,
we became friends.
Same things stick together, huh?
We laughed, ran and were crazy,

I stood for you when you were alone.
I always did.
I wanted you to be better person, who was buried deep inside you. You talk like things are lost, gone and done.
I always tried to give you hope.

You always told me one and I believed it to be two, you were not open.
At times, so many times, I wanted
your shoulder to lean on, but
you were not around and around.

And then, you drifted away, far away.
You didn’t hold my hand, you found new friends, people and things that sometimes brought you down.
I told you no, nodded no,
but you refused.

The world saw me wrong, I was in a cage of mistakes, when I alone knew
the truth and tried to defend you.
I knew things that would break
your heart, so I kept quiet.

You broke my heart once and for all then you faded away, you flew through the wind and walked in the stars.
You found things, people and everything that suits you.
You never came back, to me or
to our friendship.

You were happy, very happy and I always wanted you to be,
now and always.
I hear a lot, askin’ me not to think about you, but I couldn’t.

There’s a part of me you took away, away from me when you faded.
And I guess, it doesn’t want to come back to me, but to be with you.
And that’s how it is!

A beautiful bond that faded in your heart but stronger enough in mine that, I couldn’t even erase the imprints.
It was what it was.
A bond of memories and moments,
I’ll cherish forever.

Hope you’re happy,
how you always wanted to be.

✍️ K

Hey guys,

I don’t think this has rhyming and all but a story and feelings that I buried inside my heart, now turned into a beautiful piece on my notebook and in the blog too. This is to all the people with whom you shared beautiful memories and moments long ago and you couldn’t feel it again because they drifted away.

I hope you liked this. Do share your love and thoughts and also you can reach to me on Instagram. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️,

K from Million Dreams.

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