Blank pages.

I am lying here,
Reading our talks,
thinking about how we
used to stay awake.

Now I am lying here,
wondering what time has done to us.
Wondering how, I was that pretty enough,
you never fell for me.
you never looked at me.

And here I am, trying to figure it out,
where it all went wrong.
I was hoping, atleast there would be, a single page, where our names are written. Together.

Maybe we are what we are.
You closed the book,
but I, kept turning it,
only to find,
we were just blank pages.

You left our book
in your library, dusted.
I keep it under my pillow
and soak it
with my love.

✍️ K
Featured image by Evie.S from Unsplash.

Hey guys,
It’s really a little weird how most people connect with works relating to heartbreak more easily rather than the ones that speak about love.

I hope you like this poem of mine. Do share your love and thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Keep dreaming,

With love ♥️,

K from Million Dreams.

6 thoughts on “Blank pages.

Add yours

    1. Maybe, we have had our hearts broken several times than the times we were in love!
      Thank you so much. I love all your works. All the best to you ♥️. Have a great day ahead 😊♥️


      1. That could be the Reason Indeed, k. We Always want to know the why’s about the bad and not so much about the good in our lives. (As strangers and friends) but, k, Just Keep on writings and do what you do bes. Express your emotions while writing.

        One community, one goal. To write and to inspire!🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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