Listening around..!

Listening is one of the most magical thing in the world. Everytime, you listen to something around you, there’s more than what you think that you are actually doing.

The sounds of birds chirping, the sound of rain falling down from the sky, the sound of thunder, the sound of waves touching the shore, the sound of bell in temple, the sound that trees make in strong wind, the sound of spreading the dosa batter in the tava, the sound of your favorite song, the sound of baby laughing and many more. Our heart has no bound for the joy it experiences when we listen and hear our favorite sounds.

Some people find the buzz of bees as a mere sound, while others enjoy it. Some people don’t like the sound of cow’s moo-moo. Some love the cat purring while others love the sound of fireworks. It’s just our own perspective, the one that we choose to listen to.

How many us listen to people? How many of us have that mentality to sit and talk with our people without thinking about anything, literally anything? How many of us talk to people about important things to talks that don’t make any sense? Most of the problems is just because of not listening to what they have to say.

Listen. Listen and listen. Listen to your people. There is something that draws me when I am listening to my people and when they are talking about things they love. Have you looked at them when they are talking about something they love? Their eyes shine, their heart beats faster, they will have a huge smile and you will see a whole new world that they are sharing with you just by staying silent. Isn’t it a kind of magic?

Listen when you’re right, wrong, happy, sad, numb, bored. Listen to your favorite artist. Listen to your people, their laughs, their silence, their cries and their heart. Listen when they’re talking about academics or when they are talking about moon and stars. Listen when they are talking about love. Listen, when they are low. Never say no to listening when your people wants you to listen to them. If you ever feel like you have no one to listen to, speak to the stars. Of course you cannot see stars in the morning, then talk to sun or sky in the morning

Listen. Listen without conditions. Listen without expectations. Listen with all your heart. Listen to the light, dark, sun, moon, sea, ocean, flowers, birds and sky. Listen to you, your heart, soul and mind. Listen to the silence.

Listen! You will learn and grow.
Listen! You will give more.
Listen! You will love more.
Listen! You will see more than what you are seeing through your eyes…!

Now go and listen ❤️

Featured image from Pinterest.

Hey guys,

From a random thought that popped in my mind to this beautiful piece above…! This was so satisfying and beautiful to write. I was smiling the entire time when I was writing this. Now I am going to listen to the stars..! Go and listen to something you love!

I hope you guys liked this…! Do share your love and thoughts.

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️,

K from Million Dreams.

12 thoughts on “Listening around..!

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  1. Listen to the sound of silence, enjoy the beauty of your own verse… You are totally true, K. People should listen more to there surrounding, to what mother earth gives us for free to enjoy! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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