Us or others?

Things are starting to get little ease now. Almost, half of the things that economy depends on, is resumed in India. In the world too, some countries are bouncing back. But the world has few things to be followed and several changes called “the new normal.”

If anyone back last year, had told me that we need to live with masks on, use sanitizers frequently, follow social distancing and lot more, I would have laughed. But that isn’t how irony works, darling. Never have I ever in my wildest dreams, thought I would witness a pandemic in my lifetime.

I was very sad when I came to know that most of the national holidays of India falls on Sunday. But then, nobody ever expected to have more than four months of holidays. I never thought Sunday would actually loose the love it has earned all through these years and it’s just because every day literally feels like Sunday.

I wanted to talk about something that we shouldn’t forget at least till the end of next year. Please do take every single precautionary measures meant for an individual and for the people around you, be it work place, home or a little party, etc.

The world is trying to get into the new normal. We never know whether the person before, near or around us, or the people we meet at grocery store, park, our workplace, outside our home, in our streets are actually taking every measure. We don’t know whether they wash their hands regularly or use clean masks. We never know the things they neglected considering it to be waste of time are the same things that will cost them their life. We will be a fool to blame others whom we don’t know for something that’s happening to us.

Please maintain strict personal and community hygiene. Stay clean and keep your surroundings clean as well. Disinfect your belongings. Clean your home, workplaces and around your house. Use masks properly. Dispose it safely after using.

People think it’s lot more fashionable to wear mask below the nose but it’s just utter stupidity and a real worry to see how a life saviour is considered as a fashion. If you think it makes you look different, of course, you’re right. It makes you look different not like an hero but like a zero and please do understand it. Maintain social distancing as much as you can. Eat healthy, organic and nutritious food.

Please be careful wherever you go and take every single precautionary steps. At least, we will have a relief that we are safe and we trying to make our loved ones feel safe. We never know what others have done to be safe, but we know what we are doing to stay safe. If every individual realizes this and does his or her part along with the community, a lot more can change. The only thing that is worrying me much is the negligence of people. We have to be more responsible than ever as a individual and as a community too.

It’s about us more than what it is about others. Please stay safe and let’s come through this, together.

Featured image by Max Bender from Unsplash.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share this with you all because this seems very important right now. Don’t allow negligence to consume you. Please be safe and keep your loved ones safe too. Sending love and light!

I hope you liked this post. Do share your love and thoughts.

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️,

K from Million Dreams.

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