Who knows..!

Who knows!

Probably, we both are looking at the moon right now, wishing we were next to each other.

You in your cardigan and I in my Tommy hilfigher. A coffee table nearby and the tiny little buds we planted together, now looks at us and longs for a love like ours. Standing in the balcony and staring straight through the night, with your cute talks and my terrible jokes.

The sky is craving for us and our little talks. It craves for your beautiful smile and my dimpled cheek. The moon, wishing she met the one meant for her, just to feel a love like ours. And the world, in awe of the couple, in front of them, not knowing what makes them to love like the wind, trust like a child and break all the odds like the waves. Probably, one of the best couple the world has ever seen.

And I, fascinated by the universe you show me, I stand still, lost in your magical universe, lost in the fairytale you create. I don’t want to return to where I was before, because now, I finally found my home.

Us, forever bound by the bond, the ultimate strength of circumstances failed to break.

This is us, just a little farther in miles but not even a tiniest dot apart in the heart. Probably, we are looking at the moon, missing each other and thinking exactly the same thing.

Who knows!

We may be together, in the moon or in our dreams. But we are together in the reality and that’s what matters.

Who knows..!

Hey guys,

I wanted to share this special post with you all on one of my special day.

I haven’t written much about love, but I have always wanted to. I always have a doubt about how good will I be able to write. I finally decided to give it a try and here it is!

Hope you guys love it! Do share your love and thoughts.

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️,

K from Million Dreams.

14 thoughts on “Who knows..!

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  1. It’s lovely and amazing, K. You have done an amazing job writing about “love”. On this day, this occasion of yours, I wish you the best birthday ever anyone could have. It’s the hardest time, But you will get through. You are strong.

    And yeas, you have suprised me with this lovely Story. I can see it’s something special for you, and that you couldn’t wait to share it❤️ outstanding writing!! And ps, congratulation once again!! Now go take care of yourself 😚😚🤭🤭❤️❤️

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