Real is Rare.

Real is rare, isn’t?

Being real is something else, a unique feeling you can only experience when you’re real. It’s a kind of feeling that words cannot put together or you don’t find the right words to say how you really feel.

We see a lot of people everyday and around us, hundreds you know and thousands you don’t. Billions of people are moving around with you in every corner of the world. What are we? Humans, yeah. But are we real humans? Physically, yes, but mentally and emotionally are we real?

How many times are we real? How many times do our inner soul see who we really are in the outside? How many times we are same both inside and outside? How many times, we were us when the circumstances tried to change or even when everything around us change?

Be real. Be real, when the world’s trying to change you, break you or manipulate you. Be you, when they talk bad in front of you or behind you. Be you when you don’t feel like you. Do what your heart wants. Be real to your dreams, not to others definition of dreams. Live for the real you. Say yes or no when your real self wants to, not because others want you to. Wear whatever your real self wants to, not for others who would judge you for your clothes. Be the real you!

Let someone fall in love with the real you, your insecurities, your scars and your imperfections. Let them fall in love with you when you’re broken, sad and vulnerable. Don’t change yourself just for someone to fall in love with you. When you show the real you and when they fall for it, it would be even more beautiful. When they draw stars around your scars, it won’t bleed but shine.

You have been living your life for all, for everyone you love, but not for the real you. Try putting you, the real you first and live for you.

For once, live for you, the real you. Will you?

Hey guys,

I knew, I took a very long break and I am not much active, but will be active as soon as possible. Sending you all lots of love.

Keep dreaming,

With love ❤️,

K from Million Dreams.

18 thoughts on “Real is Rare.

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  1. Real is rare Indeed!! And many are frightened of the people who are themselves, who are open, who are happy with who they are!! It’s something that has been contributing with the community, because all the greatest people we know that have achieved greater than ever was possible were real to themselves!! So, as you perfectly said: be real to yourself and not others!

    This is a lesson that we always forget, because at times we think we are but really aren’t! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, K❤️🙏🏽 was a pleasure to read it!
    Don’t worry about not being active lately. We are all busy!

    Take care of the real you❤️❤️🙈🙈

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey JoJo, you have a very great perspective about the topic and I loved it! ❤️ Thank you for your time ❤️ glad you loved it! 😍 I’ll take good care of the real me and you too, take care of the real you ❤️


  2. Hey million dreams….. Introduced to your blog by jojo….. Really beautifully expressed. Loved it. Real is rare indeed. You have inspired me to just be me, even with all my flaws 😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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